As an Amicus Curiae CONTRACTED FEDERAL Criminal DEFENSE attorney I can state it this way that you have been falsely accused of a CRIME for which you (Farmer G) must be indicted because you are INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY but an investigator says that he needs to see the FINANCIAL RECORDS and AUDIT your Grandmother to prove the false crime that you did not commit. You ask what protections are in place, (THE FEDERAL SCOPE of the CRIMINAL PROBE must be justified and argued before the courts). In the case of Bob Mueller the special prosecutor his SCOPE was limited by the body that apponted him, which is CONGRESS. Legal Case PRECEDENT and it can easily be SHEPERDIZED is the FISHING EXPEDITION (a legal term) in a WITCH HUNT (another legal term). This was all decided by the SUPREME COURT. Donald J TRUMP has never even been the target of an INVESTIGATION, nor has he been indicted and yet they want to AUDIT his GRANDMOTHERS, MOTHERS, DAUGHTERS, SONS finances! WHY, not because he is hiding anything but because that is why you REMAIN SILENT because THEY (Investigators & Law Enforcement ) documents and are then allowed to use anything YOU say against you in court. JAY SEKULOW & MARC Kasowitz have already filed a MOTION in Federal Court making NOTIFICATION of this WITCH HUNT & FISHING EXPEDITION for a person not charged with a CRIME, the President! Even a Special Prosecutor can't go FISHING for a CRIME, he must have a crime and then apply FEDERAL CRIMINAL or CIVIL or Administrative STATUTE in a MOTION before the courts. All of this is known as the PROCEDURAL ELEMENT and no matter what the Main Stream Media lies about there arte process in place to protect the INNOCENT like Donald J TRUMP & YOU (Farmer G).
Debbie Wasseman Schultz and the AWAN brothers have been arrested for ESPIONAGE. The ESPIONAGE entails the UNMASKING of Republican names in FISA court documents and very high level Obama Aides are being sought for arrest now as WARRANTS are being issued to ultimately include the Violation of the Records ACT by Hillary Clinton & Huma Abedin. The Russia Counter Intelligence operation at the @FBI is a complete success so far and pressure is being applied to flip the colluders. So I am being proven right in stating that the only COLLUSION going on was between the DEMOCRATIC CAMPAIGN and RUSSIAN HACKERS of the DNC Server and the Clinton EX Secretary of state illegally set up server. This is a LINK to an article listing all of the DEMOCRAT CRIMINALS in 2015,16,17 - PLEASE WATCH - The story of the Awan Brothers BREAKING NEWS TRUMP 7/28/17: Circa- FBI lawyer allegedly under investigation
@POTUS The Presidents DIRECTIVE to Assistant Attorney General Rosenstein will be as follows - 1. GOOD CAUSE MOTION before the Federal Circuit Court and one issue only would be the MEMO SCHEME cooked up by James Comey & Robert Mueller over whine and or work and it does not matter if the potential existed Bob Mueller MUST RECUSE or be removed for GOOD CAUSE. CNN FAKE NEWS keeps reporting that President Donald J Trump is worried about Bob Mueller getting his taxes but that is NOT true. The President is worried that GOVERNMENT is trying to make AUDITING the ENTIRE Family a justification on a RUSSIAN CRIMINAL PROBE because the DNC server was hacked by RUSSIANS. The ATTORNEY'S for TRUMP are forced to intervene and request immediaate INJUNCTION in to all these MATTERS and a FEDERAL INJUNCTION COURT JUSTICE will DECIDE whether BOb Mueller is LET GO for GOOD CAUSE DETERMINATION!
There is a LEGAL CASE PRECEDENT for which SUPREME COURT & others have made opinion stating that a WITCH HUNT would be like trying to look into the finances of all of Donald J TRUMP'S children because the RUSSIANS hacked the DNC server and we think that a Special Prosecutor should have that power and that is known as a FISHING EXPEDITION. Everyone is INNOCENT Until Proven GUILTY Beyond Reasonable Doubt in any Criminal DUE PROCESS but the target must be indicted and charges filed against for which there is NO AUTHORITY vested from the EXECUTIVE CMDR & CHIEF to Bob Mueller the Special Prosecutor to Audit any financial records of any TRUMP ADMINISTRATION OFFICIALS and this would be called BEYOND SCOPE a legal term to a FEDERAL JUDGE!
We are going to REPEAL & REPLACE OBAMACARE with TRUMPCARE, Right? WRONG! The Republicans can't PASS HEALTHCARE for Citizens or provide you with a JOB and you can't keep your doctor. The BILLIONAIRES are playing with the little people again and they call YOU SHEEPLE. They are putting dried baby blood in pharmaceutical products, vaccines and food chain and we have EVIDENCE.
BAAL or BA-EL or CANA-BA-EL wants your blood and your soul and he is manipulating the BILLIUONAIRES who want to SACRIFICE YOU to him, MOLOCH SATAN SOBO-EL SAMHAIN the Devil and real fallen Angel of GOD! Remember the Anti-CHRIST on Earth does the bidding of MOLOCH SATAN SOBO-EL SAMHAIN the Devil who is a fallen Angel and the others are locked inside MT Hurran or HORAN in a chamber known as the Halls of Amenti.  
Presidents roundtable on JOBS  and he says if you want to work you can, well sorry that is BULLSHIT!
All for what $7.50 an hour if you can get it! There are NO JOBS in my town and it is overrun by illegal immigrants working illegally in fish processing centers in Westport Washington state. ICE is to busy to go to the TACOMA SWAP MEET where the illegal immigrants actually live and sell their stuff. The OWNER of the property in TACOMA WASHINGTON state loves illegal immigrants and they all pay rent to him. I mean I believe in Donald J TRUMP but what has he done for me, absolutely NOTHING. I still can't access American Lake Veterans Administration even with my HONORABLE DISCHARGES and half my face blown off from Wasabi Pakistan and NOW they have messed up my DOCTOR in OBUMMER CARE, she went to Canada to get paid. It's a SHIT SHOW for average american citizens! When you put this whole thing together you will find out that it is the "QUEEN of ENGLAND" who owns NBC and is at WAR with President Donald J Trump through the Main Stream Media and it is known as the ILLUMINATTI vs the CHOSEN ONE = code name CYRUS the GREAT = Donald J Trump (repeating time). NBC and Brian Willaims have a NEW LINE about there being a RUSSIAN OFFICIAL at the Trump; Jr meeting that was NOT disclosed. This is FAKE NEWS again because there was NO RUSSIAN OFFICIAL but a man who does DEALS for RUSSIA, YES, but he is NOT EX RUSSIAN OFFICIAL either. Like I am stating here NBC Can't get there sources and or their own story straight. Jay Sekulow, Alan Dershowitz, Mark Kasowitz, Michael Cohen and many FEDERAL ATTORNEY's are beginning to see the Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller Authority of RUSSIAN INVESTIGATION will derive from the QUEEN of ENGLAND paying to FISH for the FINANCIAL RECORDS of the TRUMP Family. I first heard of this as NBC is reporting that they are going after IVANKA TRUMP'S financials now in the NON EXISTENT INVESTIGATIONS both Counter FBI and Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller RUSSIA (MATTERS LOL)  INVESTIGATIONS. The KEY to the UNDERSTANDING of what is going on is that the ILLUMINATTI NBC The Queen of England wants to control the WORLD and she CAN'T with Donald J TRUMP in the WAY! This is a BILLIONAIRE WAR to include PBS, NBC, ABC, CBS, NBC vs President Donald J TRUMP Administration. In my humble opinion you have to ask yourself why do the JUDGES wear BLACK ROBES and incite incantations procedures to gain standing of Authority and wave a MAGIC WAND? Both the DEMOCRATS & the REPUBLICANS are pawns in this huge BILLIONAIRE WAR and are using the LAW and LEGAL SYSTEM which is being corrupted by CONGRESS OBSTRUCTION of GOVERNMENT! Again MSNBC is reporting FAKE NEWS! Donald Trump Jr & Jared Kushner met with an attorney that was representing the FUSION GPS company of the United States of America but funded by a RUSSIAN BANK and in advance of that meeting there was no mention of a RUSSIAN representative of any RUSSIAN bank! However, the DEMOCRATS used #CIA #FBI #NSA resources to SURVEIL the meeting. The same entity then uses a process of Special Prosecution to request the EVIDENCE. The EVIDENCE is the SURVEILLANCE TAPES that were of this meeting between Jared Kushner & Donald Trump Jr but the funny part is that the meeting was recorded by the Main Stream Media #NBC who has twisted this into a WITCH HUNT of the #DEEPSTATE for President Donald J TRUMP. The NARRATIVE that the RUSSIANS infiltrated and hacked our elections is the FACT that the DNC server was HACKED by RUSSIANS! However Debbie Wasserman Schultz SUBPOENAED testimony on this subject is in direct controversy with HOUSE INTELLIGENCE testimony from JEH JOHNSON former Department of Homeland Security! ALL of this is about the FAKE NEWS #NBC created  of the "PHONY STEELE DOSSIER" that never existed on President Donald J TRUMP!
OK I get so pissed off about this point, IT IS NOT a TRUMP RUSSIAN INVESTIGATION! It is a RUSSIAN INVESTIGATION by at 1st the FBI and now the Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller. In that regard get this straight you sheeple that are morons who don't understand the LAW - Barak Obama, Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, IMRAN AWAN, AWAN Brothers,  John Podesta, Huma Abedin, & James COMEY have COLLUDED and the EVIDENCE is becoming crystal clear. #1 is they won't let law enforcement look at the DNC server that was hacked by the Russians and are now being SUBPOENAED and already testimony conflicts between JEH JOHNSON DHS Law Enforcement Debbie Wasserman Schultz the lying criminal!
TO: @POTUS @AlanDersh @JaySekulow @MichaelCohen @MarkKasowitz @JeffSessions @ABC @NBC @CBS @PBS @CNN @FOX @reaslAlexJones @InfoWars FROM: Federal Officer CMDR Gregory M Volz - @DoD Laying out a case for OBSTRUCTION of JUSTICE against the individuals involved in COLLUSION with Russia would be the following legal elements - 1. Barak Obama has hidden CLASSIFIED material in his presidential library which is needed in both the @FBI & Special Prosecutor @BobMueller Criminal Investigations for which we have an EVIDENTUARY LETTER of denial from Freedom of Information ACT request stating such. 2. Loretta Lynch met with Bill Clinton on the airport tarmac  for which it was formulated there would be NO CRIMINAL INTENT established in Hillary Clinton's mind thereby she could not be charged. 3. Hillary Clinton set up a SERVER in her basement as well as at the DNC which was hacked by the RUSSIANS we now know for a fact because of JEH JOHNSON testimony for the DNC refusal to patch the vulnerability. The CLINTON FOUNDATION financial records indicate a sale of PLUTONIUM to RUSSIA for which is DIRECT EVIDENCE. 4. James Comey may or may NOT be a COLLUSION individual if he turned everything over to Special Prosecutor Bob Mueller, but he still had an obligation to NOTIFY for which he did Loretta Lynch & later President Trump and she made clear her intent not to hold Hillary Clinton accountable for her CRIMINAL INTENT.
FOIA request being denied by FEDERAL GOVERNMENT because OBAMA put all CLASSIFIED into his LIBRARY. The FOIA people send out letters stating this fact. We need REPUBLICAN LEGISLATION immediately to circumvent this scenario from ever happening again and that is called SUNSHINE LAWS or TRANSPARENCY in GOVERNMENT!
How do you know that the NSA with their surveillance techniques didn't have the President & James Comey recorded? Now if a TRANSCRIPT is released of the conversation between James Comey & President Donald J Trump then you will eat your words won't you. Further Julliane Assange has indicated that the LEAKER has supplied him with this transcript and both CNN & NBC know it! This is what the government is worried about and it is called the DEEPSTATE NSA CIA FBI. Further you have confused in your own mind that Donald said there were tapes but what he said clearly was that James Comey better HOPE that there are no tapes. Then Donald clearly stated that HE did not RECORD the conversation and that only leaves one possibility that there are tapes but that they are classified TOP SECRET ULTRA UMBRA COSMIC and that the President has been briefed. Now I really work for the Department of Defense as a CMDR doing investigations for the CRIMINAL DIVISION in the Department of Justice and I have direct knowledge in FISA court that SURVEILLANCE has taken place by several administrations. If you really want to know how the case is progressing on the RUSSIA FBI Investigation you had better look at the legal elements laid out in my article -
FEDERAL SUBPOENA POWER by FEDERAL ATTORNEY'S at LAW Mark Kasowitz, Jay Sekulow, Alan Dershowitz, Michael Cohen in either CIVIL or CRIMINAL FEDERAL INVESTIGATIVE CASES can obtain this information under penalty of crime for withholding any EVIDENCE of CRIME! Also, FEDERAL SUBPOENA POWER by United States House of Congress members with SUBPOENA POWER under ADMINISTRATIVE LAW. There is definitely an OBSTRUCTION CASE being made by DREEBIN & MUELLER for Loretta Lynch, Hillary Clinton, James Comey who are all complicit in COLLUSION. There is NO EVIDENCE that anybody in the TRUMP ADMINISTRATION COLLUDED with RUSSIA, again NO EVIDENCE, no matter what CNN NBC ABC CBS PBS or FOX say! EVIDENCE has very strict parameters for acceptance in courts of LAW. ADMINISTRATIVE, CIVIL, CRIMINAL, FAMILY MATTER, ESTATE PLANNING TAXATION, BUREAU of INDIAN AFFAIRS & ADMIRALTY are all areas of LAW with STATUTE for potential prosecution or RELIEF. Did you know that you were born in water in the womb which is admiralty and that is where you gave your rights up when you accepted CITIZENSHIP. HOWEVER, a few men to include me CMDR Gregory M Volz with ADMIRATY JURIS DOCTORATE in CONSTITUTIONAL LAW. ASK FOLEY, DREEBIN or DERSHOWITZ! The thing about this is that the President has the highest AUTHORITY and can demand relief from the courts and they must provide it under ADMIRALTY LAW!
is it TIME to ask Assistant Attorney General to FIRE MUELLER? 99% Real News Says YES! (Do you hear the people sing) Trump Anthem - BREAKING NEWS - Mark Kasowitz, ATTORNEY for TRUMP, files for Production of Documents from WIKILEAKS Julianne Assange for the TRANSCRIPT recordings of James Comey & President Donald J Trump. The @CIA @NSA @FBI are all aware that the IPHONE RECORDINGS were made of the conversations between President Donald J Trump & EX FBI Director James Comey. There is NOW PROOF that a hidden SOURCE has turned over the "TAPES" in TRANSCRIPTED form to WIKILEAKS Julianne Assange.
BOB MUELLER & JAMES COMEY developed MEMO SCHEME and again CIA, NSA & FBI have EVIDENCE & PROOF! Looks like the COLLUSION for DEEPSTATE Operation Memo Scheme is NOT going to work to bring President Donald J Trump down! The CRIMINAL OBSTRUCTION CASE will be filed against Hillary Clinton, James Comey, Loretta Lynch & Barak Obama. 
According to Alan Dershowitz and Mark Kasowitz there are many FEDERAL CONSTITUTIONAL issues with the pursuit of the President of the United States for Abuse of Power or Obstruction by Bob Mueller the Special Prosecutor since the original pursuit was based upon the FBI RUSSIAN INVESTIGATION for which CONGRESS OVERSIGHT does not know even existed which is another LIE by James Comey!
The President of the United States of America is a very tactful man and he conducts himself like that all the time. He is like a MOB BOSS, but better than that We all know who Donald J TRUMP is, and he doesn't take any BULLSHIT or POLITICAL CORRECTNESS! Currently there is a DEEPSTATE FBI MEMO SCHEME between James Comey & Bob Mueller because we see the linkage. The SENATE Judiciary has been called to investigate the OVERSIGHT and has many questions about this supposed targeted investigation by Special Prosecutor and it's CONSTITUTIONALITY? Alan Deshowitz, Jay Sekulow, Michael Cohen & CMDR Gregor M Volz are all bound by OATH & DUTY to report anything and everything, and that includes YOU HAVE A DUTY to REPORT to the President of the United States of America as a FEDERAL WORKER or OFFICER. MICHAEL DREEBIN the Criminal Law EXPERT has been selected by the Special Prosecutor to research something about Obstruction of Justice for Bob Mueller. The "TAPES" have been found that recorded James Comey & President Donald J TRUMP. The "TAPES" have been forwarded to WIKILEAKS and Julianne Assange. We were very skeptical at first until we were supplied with a partial transcript for which WIKILEAKS will be releasing the full transcripts soon! Corey Lewandowski: James Comey’s Credibility ‘Is Zero Right Now’ | TODAY Comey is Lying About Hillary - Chris Farrell Judicial Watch