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These are alien intelligence TELEPATHIC COMMUNICATIONS that could be of operational importance to the Northwest UFO Chasers Report BLOG -

If there is a SECRET SPACE program that costs $50 Billion that admittedly disappeared in Afghanistan then the release or DISCLOSURE from President Obama is going to be simple, ADMIT the program exists and that it is of national security interest to keep the information SECRET. RELEASE all other relevant UFO Government Data. Why do we continually try to prove the existence of something we already have proof of? If I scanned my SECRET SPACE CORPS patch would you guys believe that I worked in a department that chased UFO's and spent the military's money, but didn't want the american people to know what I was working on? C'Mon we know that the media broadcasts are sending subliminal messages to make you forget what you already knew, wake up again!

I was in the SECRET SPACE CORPS believe it or not! There are segments to DNI that if you believe Andrew D. Basiago we are teleporting through stargates to Mars already! Richard Hoagland says the MOON is a spacecraft that they have known about for years. Contact with alien intelligence is an ongoing thing but most people just can't handle that reality, so they prescribe you know what, ANTI DEPRESSANTS / PSYCHOTICS!

The issues are much deeper that basically, David Icke, and much of the material I have collected and researched shows hidden expenditure in the NASA SECRET SPACE CORPS PROGRAMS. - link

IRAQ the Sumerian Cuneiform that was uncovered by the United States ARMY was handed over to a TOP SECRET group to decipher the material and they found reference to genetic engineering. Several Intelligence Contractors released information and violated non disclosure but I don't think they found who. - link

this stuff gets squirrlly (sp) when we got two advanced human groups as well as us and the inter & hyper dimensional alien intelligence. Time travel, gods IE: ODEN, THOR, ZEUS, APOLLO, ANGRA MAINYU, AHURU Mazda, ISIS, OSIRIS are possibly fully god beings who mated with humans and distributed their genetic properties to homo sapien. - see the TIMELINE

If the GREAT PYRAMID was a NATURAL HYDROGEN SULPHURIC REACTOR that produced ENERGY then many of the pyranids might have been aligned to tap the power grid that existed. More like the way TESLA talked about tapping wireless power. These advanced beings that lived on Earth used this power and thier great understanding of electromagnetism.

Last night I had a vision of a super technologically advanced civilization on this Earth with an Electromagnetic Track that ran around the whole world. They had flight to Nazca Peru and they used GOLD for fuel. The Pyramids are the tips of Electromagnetic conductors that tap the Earth Natural abilities. We can lift stone and it makes a heck of a thunderbolt weapon.

When the alien intelligence decides to unveil itself to you, you will tell everyone and no one will believe you! There is an awakening process and I highly recommend Drunvalo -

 The Melchizedek Method 
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which I think you have seen but I have a couple. There is something about grounding and feeling a connection to the Earth as well as realizing at that same moment that you are part of a Galactic Universe filled and teaming with incredible LIFE that you are growing to be able to communicate with.

If you watch #ABC, #NBC, #CBS, #CNN, #CNBC, #MSNBC, #FOX, etc..., then you have been subjected to HAARP transmission micro (& other frequency) wave bombardment. One guy in Seattle sews those bags that you use to put computer cards in, into the lining of baseball hats so that the HAARP frequencies and the alien intelligence can't telepathically manipulate you. Once you gain clarity of thought then immediately high frequency resonate your pineal gland and hyper dimension space travel to the Universal Library of Knowledge in Andromeda. Learn about the levels of ascendance and the aliens, angels, gods, the LORD thy GOD, the complete galactic federation & OUR PLACE IN THE UNIVERSE!

The Neuro Psychiatrists I have worked with have told me that they are arrogant enough to operate on a human brain for the alleviation of fluid from a traumatic brain injury but they do not currently know the entire map of neuron transmission impulse within the human genome. That same organ, the BRAIN, a NEURO PSYCHIATRIST will prescribe a medication that changes that neuron impulse and modifies behavior. They have been experimenting for 40 years now and we are their guinea pigs if you are taking medication for the alleviation of anxiety by this fictitious medical practice gone out of control. That's what I mean when I say wake up, USER, it goes so friggin deep in your brain and in mine I can make it pleasant or scary for you. Not intentionally but with the science and the technology that puts you into a catatonic state of acceptance and I can basically perform medical examination without your knowledge or approval. The control lies within the mechanism that links the brain to your DNA and the ability to change the switches with pure thought energy transmission to the pineal endocrine glandular system of the human body. More to follow -

INSTRUCTIONS: The way this thing works is, you start by reading a short paragraph and then watching a video by clicking on the subject topic hyperlink or the picture associated with it. By moving your way through this material, Northwest UFO Chasers is hoping that you might come to some of the same conclusions as we have.

I am beginning to realize that it is not their fault. There is something within our DNA that triggers transcendence and some of us are beginning to awaken to things that we already knew from a previous time period when we were incarnate in other bodies as we move backward in time. We had discovered that the human brain was carrying the past memories of previous lives of other individuals. We wanted access to this data.

I tend to believe that the TRUTH is the interaction between the alien intelligence and a branch of black operational military alien chasers in the form of information substantiated in multiple Wikileak documents, but then the plausible denial will be that we are all crazy even believing in aliens in the first place. Everybody keeps asking for disclosure, when they do not understand the paradigm? The ANDROMEDANS have modified my DNA and I can communicate with them telepathically as well as tap UNIVERSAL KNOWLEDGE at the center of the galaxy which in reality is your brain! Then all the past lives that you have ever lived are in the memoric regions of the hypo campus, THE BRAIN, and can be retrieved through endocractic neuron tap, or ent for short!!!

I am going to do my best just to get the complete story out and not just little bits and pieces that leak out on facebook. This story has to do with the smallest molecular atomic particles that make up every day matter in the third dimension. Now don't worry about the grammatical structure of this piece of work, it will not be coherent and have pretty sentences with paragraphs, oh no, this will be a work that is ugly and all over the place but we got to get it out so that people will understand and see what is really going on in this fantastical state of a universe we live in. Anyway getting back to those small particles that make up matter in the third dimension are directly linked to the living breathing conscious state of the UNIVERSE.

The EXPANDING nature of the UNIVERSE is causing an atomic molecular decay to occur which feels like time passing to a human being. Within that TIME is the entire state of the cosmos as it marches across the sky and we in the year 2014 steadily moving toward the future. So get the whole story that will blow your friggin mind! A doomsday conspiracy to save the elite, but NOT YOU! We are just years away from destruction the likes of which no one has ever seen. Do scientists really believe the earth is headed for disaster in the future. Are the elite building bunkers for the few and leaving the rest to ourselves. Ancient Prophecies, Lost Symbols, Solar Explosions, Under Ground Bunkers the Conspiracy. There is going to be solar flare activity that will be of greater extent than anything that we have seen in the past. There are going to be solar flares that emit electromagnetic energy. The entire electrical grid could become disabled by electromagnetic disturbance caused by solar flare activity. UNDERGROUND BASES! This is where there is a lot of conjecture about alien human hybridization programs going on UNDER GROUND! There are seven levels at Area 51 and you need a TOP SECRET ULTRA UMBRA 7th level clearance to see the combined genetic DNA alien human hybrid and clones! Now I digress and got way ahead of myself. Did I tell you that I was abducted! I was abducted by a benevolent alien intelligence that genetically modified my DNA switch sets, so that I can communicate telepathically on an extra low frequency transmission band. Many of us around the world are waking to the fact that we have been abducted, that we are seeing UFO's in the skies everywhere, and in fact some are in contact with alien intelligence. Groups are forming to discuss subject material surrounding alien abductions.

ORIGINATION the Book by Gregory M VolzAbductions / Hollow Moon -
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Close encounters of the fourth kind. People making contact with unearthly beings.

In the fall of 1997, a boy, started out to document his family's thanksgiving dinner. What he purportedly captured on his video camera was more than just a family get together. The following footage, if real, could be the most important evidence ever, supporting the possibility that we are not alone in the universe. DID IT HAPPEN? Incident at Lake County

YES and these are the same beings that I am able to communicate with telepathically. I believe that they are Andromedans and they are also called tall whites. Thank you so much for sending me the link to the pictures. I would like to share this with Northwest UFO Chasers group. These beings travel in light ball orbs that can expand and contract to many different sizes and are interacting with people that are in tune with their spirituality on James Gilliland's property at Trout lake Washington. I am going to try and go next July and if you can make it, it can be an experience of a lifetime. Many believe James to be a spiritual master who is in touch with different alien races, and here is the link to his latest contact -

  James Gilliland - Contact Has Begun 
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Thank You Again Dr Amy Sargent Oles and I hope to hear from you again soon! Also please let me know how you are feeling from time to time and if you remember communicating with them.


Commander Gregory M Volz - Northwest UFO Chasers - "I'm in the space capsul all alone and very lonely dreaming about my whirlwind dream shaman visionary and world famous painter - Dr. Amy Sargent Oles."

hello gregory,i apologize for not replying earlier,i have been in my thoughts a lot lately and i haven`t touched my computer for a couple of weeks.

I find it very interesting and amazing too that we are in contact with the same group of ETs, i don`t think it`s a coincidence i have been guided to you somehow, i remember seeing one of your post ( i think it was on the ufo facebook page )and i knew i had to get in touch with you and i knew that the information you shared in that post was not be honest with you greg i feel confused and lost most of the time since this past spring when i discovered that i had been abducted. I have been through every emotion since then; excitement, fascination, sadness, confusion, anger, etc....i feel better now, but it is still unclear to me what they are all about, my comprehension is not there yet, i have been reading a lot lately on the subject of ufo's and abductions to educate myself. 2 weeks ago i remembered i have kept books where i used to write down my dreams 10 years ago. I was completely astonished to see at how many dreams i have had with ufos, ETs, robots and at how many times they gave me information, i mean i am horribly slow or i was in a profound amnesia because i REALLY HAD NO IDEA, for those past two weeks i have been deeply shaken and a little depressed to realize this.With what i know now and with hindsight i now know that i have been abducted many times for the past 3 years or so,and this has been really hard on my nervous system, fortunately i could afford to see very good osteopaths who have put my body back to normal.

Greg,i really have no memory of communicating with them.

All i know is that they give or have given me information through dreams;

-ancient Egypt

-star constellations

-number sequences

-end of the world scenarios

-biological robots

that sort of thing...

What i`m going through right now is hard to define, and i wonder how it has been for you. All this processing of information and knowledge takes time and it can be heavy at times on the psyche and consciousness.Some of the dreams i interpreted as dreams actually were not dreams, they were astral plane manifestations or i was in a space ship.Well,that`s it for now!, and i promise Greg that you will be the first to know if they ever communicate with me or if i ever remember true communication with them!, until next time, be well and take care!

your friend

Now we go back many years into the United States Navy and a secret project called Operation High Jump. I was in the Navy. I went to boot camp at San Diego's camp Pendelton. Then I went to A school in Memphis Tennessee. I learned to load bombs and missiles. Then the Navy sent me to Moffett Field California. This is where I was indoctrinated into the military industrial complex and all of its black operational elements. ROTHR - Relocatable Over The Horizon Radar was analyzed by a spreadsheet database multi application called Symphony. ROTHR was the predecessor to HAARP. In the Navy though we all reported to the

 The Secret Land (Admiral Byrd and Operation Highjump) 
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Then I got really serious about the subject of Ancient Aliens and compiled some


 AAS01E02 - The Visitors 
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